Serious Font Collector

Serious Font Collector 1.0

It allows you to manage all of your fonts with a simple, intuitive interface
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Serious Font Collector allows you to manage all of your fonts with a simple, intuitive interface.
Using SFC you can:
- Create collections of any size to organize your fonts exactly the way that you want to!
- Create printable catalogs that display samples of your fonts, in your choice of catalog formats.
-Easily manage any number of fonts, hundreds, even thousands!

Font Collections:
- Create, organize, and manage an unlimited number of font collections
- Add TrueType and OpenType fonts into collections
- All features can be used without installing fonts into system
- Sort fonts into folders alphabetically and/or by font family
- Rename font files automatically with your choice of meaningful naming options
- Eliminate redundant or extraneous parts of font file names on the fly
- Validate fonts files before adding to collections
- Optionally skip or rename duplicate fonts
- Automatically un-zip downloaded font files
- Add font files hidden in sub-folders to any depth
- Add fonts to collections one at a time, or by folder via batch process
- Optionally review and approve each font addition in batch
- Adds fonts to collections by copying files, leaving original files untouched
- Allows accessing font collections on read-only media (CD-ROM)
- Corrects font file names that have missing or incorrect file extensions
- Allows each user on multiple-user pc's to maintain a separate set of collections
Font Catalogs:
- Compile font catalogs for each collection
- View and print catalogs of fonts showing samples in proper typefaces
- No limit to number of fonts in catalogs
- Provides a number of different catalog styles (text, display, etc.)
- Rebuilds font catalogs automatically after adding fonts
- Print entire catalogs, or just as many pages as needed
- View and print specimens for any font, whether part of a collection or not
- Install fonts into the Windows Fonts folder
- Uninstalled fonts are kept in a special collection to avoid accidental loss of files
- Provides a list of fonts in each collection that can be exported to a database
- Displays all available font information, including Panose data
- Uses a familiar "Explorer" type interface that requires almost no learning to use
- Comprehensive Help System

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